October 26, 2015


Yellowbyte Studios is an independent video game developer founded by Robert O' Connor. My main focus is to make fun and memorable games that can be played anywhere by anyone. I am based in Limerick, Ireland. My mission is to make video games that bring people together for an enjoyable experience.

Development is 100% self-funded!

Ben the Hen

Ben the Hen is a simple touch n' tap game in which you must save the hens from falling to the bottom of the screen. This game was our first attempt at making a basic game for a younger audience. With fun graphics, sounds and colors, this game is great for casual players.

Mafia Realms

After the death of Giovanni, many mob bosses wanted what he left behind, POWER. Battle against other bosses using the cards you own to be the best and take control of the city. Mafia Realms is a strategy card game that always has more surprises.